Welcome to ZeroQT, a disruptive blockchain-based financial protocol operated by Zero Cute Ventures Ltd.
The company's mission is to enable any investor in the globe to take part in a community driven venture capital fund dedicated to investing in blockchain-focused startups, some of which will be conceived, built, and funded by our VC, such as StableBet, a crypto casino powered by stablecoins that aren't based on algorithms, and its bankroll is financed solely by ZeroQT, which pays dividends to investors in the form of ZQT tokens in real time, a first in the industry.
Other examples of services and products include our DEX, Tropical Finance, and our stablecoin, ZUSD.
What really sets ZeroQT apart from its competitors (private VCs) is that anyone, even retail investors, may open a free account with us in utmost anonymity and without any KYC/AML requirements.
Join us as a venture capitalist to invest and get an annual percentage yield (APY) of +1,200%.
The value proposition? Check out our pitch deck.

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The value proposition in a nutshell

  • Earn tokens every second
  • Under-promising, over-delivering VC
  • No KYC requirements, 100% user-privacy
  • Competitive annual percentage yield (APY)
  • Permissionless instant payment processing
Application form for blockchain startups seeking to raise capital or sell their business: zeroqt.com/apply
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